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    Diplomacy with TDK


    Add TDK The Dragon Knights as a NAP

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    Capin Quasar
    Capin Quasar

    Join date : 2014-07-31
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    Location : USA

    Diplomacy with TDK Empty Diplomacy with TDK

    Post by Capin Quasar on Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:19 pm

    The Dragon Knights


    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I was talking with the rest of the members of the alliance about your offer. And I am happy to say that we are willing to accept your NAP agreement.

    We can help each other when needed, or maybe trade if players are wanting to do that. We can help each other to improve and become stronger alliance's.

    Well spotted by the way, about me having my name down different on the alliance page. I didn't notice that. I will stick with Sandman Smile

    Capin Quasar
    Capin Quasar

    Join date : 2014-07-31
    Age : 45
    Location : USA

    Diplomacy with TDK Empty Re: Diplomacy with TDK

    Post by Capin Quasar on Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:11 pm

    From: Alcart [3:31:8]
    To: Capin Quasar
    Subject: A violated N.A.P.
    Date: 12.08.2014 12:51:25


    I've been attacked by a member of TDK
    [3:70:4] pegged me a good one.

    From: Fleet Command
    To: Alcart
    Subject: Combat Report [3:31:7] (D: 56.000, A: 8.000)
    Date: 11.08.2014 16:00:55

    Combat Report
    Combat at Vanaheimr [3:31:7] (11.08.2014 16:00:55)

    Pinky i svabo from MM [3:70:4] Dishonourable fight (-6)
    Alcart from Vanaheimr [3:31:7] Honourable fight (-)

    Ships/Defence: 59 Ships/Defence: 28
    Lost units: 8.000 Lost units: 56.000
    Weapons: 70% Weapons: 70%
    Shields: 70% Shields: 70%
    Armour: 80% Armour: 100%
    Tactical retreat 1 : 759.000
    The defending fleet did not flee.
    (Please note that Deathstars, Espionage Probes, Solar Satellites and any fleet on a ACS Defence mission cannot flee. Tactical retreats are also deactivated in honourable battles. A retreat may also have been manually deactivated or prevented by a lack of deuterium. Bandits and players with more than 500.000 points never retreat.)
    Winner: Pinky i svabo
    The attacker has won the battle!
    Loot: 86.402 Metal, 61.562 Crystal and 1.220 Deuterium.
    debris field: 2.000 metal and 2.000 crystal.
    Repaired: 17 Rocket Launcher, 2 Light Laser

    TDK has violated our NAP. I am awaiting a reply from Sandman I gave him a short time for response on this matter with "Satisfaction of Justice" or they will be removed and added to a preferred target list. NO ACTIONS to be undertaken until it is changed and announced please...

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