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    Die Alliance prop

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    Die Alliance prop Empty Die Alliance prop

    Post by Capin Quasar on Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:14 pm

    Again this conversation is in reverse and lacks my last response in which I told him No we don't like other alliances dictating whom we "war" or not.

    From: ASTERIX [1:175:6]
    To: Capin Quasar
    Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:Alliance

    Discuss the ALLY pact because that's what everybody wants here lol so not really pushing for NAP atm:)

    Basicly ally pact also means for those who needed add eachother to buddy list so can ACS/DEf etc.... but as I said the political influence is more important for both us that they know we are active alliances not easy target like many mass zombie alliances lol...

    either way you decide have a good game:)

    Capin Quasar 22.08.2014 21:41:31
    My Day is mostly winding towards an end right now but I will post the situation towards my Council, and concerned members. The proposal here I can tell you though is not one that will fly well with my group as one of your friendly groups already pacted will perhaps create a war and by your above definition we would then have to join in or quit the alliance pact.. This is why we dont do these kinds of deals. NAP's NON AGGRESSION is what it is a live and let live deal.. Which allows players to NOT worry so much about another group. However sometimes any deal can be a pain in the but with diplomacy.

    Please lets talk more of course. I have not even looked into you guys but if you wanted to propose such as stated above giving us the names or tags of your current alliance group would of course be a more deciding factor.

    What ever happens I do wish you well. I dont lead by force here and often follow what my own members choose. So stay in touch contact me back tomorrow and lets keep this chain mail going to we resolve things in your proposal.

    -Captain Quasar

    ASTERIX 22.08.2014 21:28:58
    Hello Capin Quasar

    Awesome thx btw it's all good whatever you decide:)

    We are trying to build up a galactical council with honorable allainces like yourself so nobdy can bully us here that's why we prefer to make Ally pacts instead of Naps which don't do much those are more like after wars to recover or something:)..

    Wars need to be approved by both or the ALLy pact canceled so it's not about wars at all but to have more influence over the Universe so they will not try to bully either of us...

    Oh and forgot but I meant trial alliance for one month to get to know eachother first then we extend the treaty

    We also in Ally pact atm with two small Alliances in trial untill 9.20 but I don't think they are any conflict they are cool:)...

    Capin Quasar 22.08.2014 19:40:05
    Greetings Asterix,

    Let me put this towards my council. We generally do not set alliances. We do set NAP's Non-Aggression Pacts. From there we allow our members to hunt mutual enemies with such other groups engage in trades etc.. We do not expect or would be able to grant a "your enemy is my enemy" sorta plan. We more or less can be pretty relaxed until provoked then we add names to a Wanted list in our forum and let players post bounties..

    Strength is not an issue its your dreams, goals, and desires.. That interest me most. We have an outlaw or two here but they are the most respectable of outlaws. I dont much hold with players who feel the need to "Punish" or drive other gamers from the community. Of course everyone reacts differently to in game trials and tribulations, so I do understand also the occasional need for the use of more excessive force.

    So my friendly diplomatic friend do say more about your fine rising group. Have a seat and a cuppa tea and lets talk. Or at least allow me time to look into you more myself...

    Thanks for your patience and attention,

    -Capin Quasar

    ASTERIX 22.08.2014 19:30:44

    I am the diplomat from die alliance and offering a trial one month tactical Ally pact with you the GALAXY alliance if all good then we extend:) This could benefit both of us, I know we are not as strong as you yet but we will grow fast.

    thx for your time may both of our alliances prosper

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