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    Let us Probe again shall we?

    Capin Quasar
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    Let us Probe again shall we? Empty Let us Probe again shall we?

    Post by Capin Quasar on Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:21 pm

    Let us Probe again shall we? Image

    I know many of you find this an unpleasant subject.. However I would like to spin off a few ideas and show you just how fun Probes can be.

    First off I would like to say I always probe even my already been probed farms as I am using the Anti-Game add on which will add in a calculated number of small V/S large cargo ships needed to harvest a 50% (usual amount) of loot. Making it much easier for me to send the number of ships I need to harvest that planet. However if you do this like myself remember if its an hour trip there to add a couple as the planet is going to generate resources during the voyage. (also keep in mind it could very well get raided before you get there)...

    Obviously this is just the innocuous version of probing and what we all mostly take offense to is being probed by neighbors. Now once is okay and we all usually can and do get over it pretty easy. It is the guys who frequent probe us that we come to look at with suspicion.

    So take heart, cheer up, as you now are well aware with out sending any probes yourself just who around you is looking for ill defended planets to crash. Many of these guys are fleeters, looking for piles of cargo ships, loads of solar satellites, stacks of fighters, and no Gauss canons or plasma canons. Then they can muster their crew of battle ships and brush through your puny stack of Rockets and pixie stix laser turrets and smash a majority of your fleet, then wheel off into the night like a bandit as their Recyclers (timed just so) roll in and sweep up. Thank you for the free derb.

    So first the solution to this is to not get too worked up over probes remember they are tipping their hat by this action and so keep track of what time(s) they do this as it shows when they most likely would send a follow up attack. Now build a decent defense (or not). I know many of you prefer to run around ala natural. If you do build up defense get those Gauss and Plasma defenses built up to a decent level, with padding of lesser turrets so if they do sweep you, they will at least deposit some of their own fleet into the derb stew.

    Okay you did all that and it "Just won't stop".. Well now here is where I enjoy a bit of fun and like to send them a Mail not a probe usually but yes here is a sample of the types of mail I like to send. Keep in mind it is best to NOT send any agitated or disrespectfully worded mails to an aggressive minded player as they can (A) report you, (B) actually get off in some way on these types of mails. (C) Do a combination of both and now find themselves drawn to you like a moth to a candle..


    Greetings dear (fill in my name),

    I am extremely glad to see you have kept up your interest in my planet (Fill in name). I must say it has been nothing but a complete disappointment to us but have begun to develop this lately useless lump of dirt into a full 16 hole golf course (of which won't lack for sand traps) and a full treatment spa and massage parlor.  

    I must warn you that this will be quite an endeavor, most the planet is infested with uncouth locals which all are rather depressing and vulgar to an extreme. The largest part is infested with contagious diseases, and body vermin. They refuse to work well with each other thus the low count of resources to be utilized here.

    So please continue your visits as we work to develop a thriving tourist attraction here that you will enjoy coming back to, as well as take pride in your own participation in helping us build.

    Please feel free to send us any suggestions or comments during development, and don't worry about any trash you drop in our atmosphere as we enjoy seeing little reminders of our visitors.

    Sincerely yours,
    -(Enter name)

    I have a few of these of different lines and all of them just attempt at a state of humor. I will often add the link to join us or our guild page if they are not in a Guild already so in a way they turn into a recruitment post as well. (waste not want not right?) I will add in some of my future mails along this line as at the very least I get a laugh out of them even if they don't. Again I only send such as these to guys whom seem to be unable to stay away..

    Main point being here is that sometimes you can learn more from getting probed then occurs to you on first thought. If you can find a way to have fun with it also then heck guys you probably just said more to that player then has been said to him/her in their entire career in this universe. So on the psychological front you just made them think more along the lines of "Well I sure hate to crash that guy.. Seems like a decent sort there." It is not so easy to torment someone who begins to develop a face or conceived personality.

    So I will begin posting cut-pastes of my future letters here to maybe help give you guys a laugh or inspiration.
    -Capin Quasar

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    Let us Probe again shall we? Empty Re: Let us Probe again shall we?

    Post by Galariel on Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:32 pm

    Cap don't worry about probes reports Smile This is the game Smile don't send to any player such messages Smile it hepls to increase the angry of a player Smile

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